Happy FALL…

I’m so happy that “Pagbabalik” will light the stage of La Pena Cultural Center this SUNDAY OCTOBER 1st. And there are quite a few exciting developments around it, including this article in the Express and the new Promotional Video that can be seen on myspace.com/rootsongs (click on VIDEOS). Drop an email to aimee@aimeesuzara.net with your feedback!

Thanks for your support. See you soon…

NEW: Check out the article in the East Bay Express (scroll all the way down, and pick up a copy at the nearest stand!)

Launch off the celebration of Filipino Heritage month (October) by joining us on Sunday @ La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck (near Ashby Bart), 7pm (doors open 6:30, arrive early!)

Finally, you may know that we are RAISING FUNDS to allow the further development of the show through 2006 and early 2007. Your donations can be written directly to Aimee Suzara to go 100% towards the show and artist fees. To this point, all of our spectacular cast and crew (8 actors/dancers/ musicians, 4 tech & backstage) have been working on sweat and LOVE. 1 dollar, 5 dollars, or 500 – any amount of your support will allow us to help this generation’s CULTURAL WORKERS to survive & evolve their art, and to make “Pagbabalik” available to more audiences. Wish to donate? Email pagbabalik@aimeesuzara.net for mailing address information.

The Cast & Crew of “Pagbabalik” thank you for your generous support!
Aimee Suzara, Geene Gonzales, Aimee Espiritu, Lisa Juachon, Frances Sedayao, Juan Calaf, Ron Quesada, Maya Santos, Shannon Pacaoan, Jen Soriano, Aileen Suzara, & Lolan Sevilla


Article in this week’s East Bay Express:

Identity Theft? No Way

By Lulu Feliciano
As immigration issues continue to dominate the headlines, it’s timely to see the immigrant experience through the eyes of artists. “Now that I have a US passport, does that mean I turn my back to my motherland?” or “I’ve assimilated into the US mainstream — does that mean I’m no longer an immigrant?” These are questions that foreign-born as well as first-, second-, and even third-generation immigrants ask themselves. Stories of displacement and a search for identity — in this case Philippine American — weave through a new theater piece as it crosses boundaries between various generations, ages, and class groups.

Pagbabalik (Returning) is billed as a theater work-in-progress, a combination of several one-woman shows by writer Aimee Suzara, along with Bay Area artists Aimee Espiritu, Geene Gonzales, Lisa Juachon, Frances Sedayao, Jen Soriano, Juan Calaf, and Ron Quesada. “As a work-in-progress, this is not a rough cut,” Suzara explains. “Instead, it is a story that continues to evolve.” The play is presented as a multidisciplinary work fusing spoken word and theater, Filipino and modern dance, and live indigenous Filipino and contemporary music. The play’s dance sequences are a combination of traditional Filipino and modern, and the music combines Philippine instruments such as the kulintang from the south and the northern agong (gongs), blended with a folk-rock score.
Pagbabalik, supported by a grant from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, will have one more show later this year, after which Suzara plans to take the show on the road outside the Bay Area. It debuts on Sunday (7 p.m.) at La Peña in Berkeley. Admission is $10-$20, and there’s a community feedback session and Q&A afterward. Info: 510-849-2568, AimeeSuzara. net, or LaPena.org
Date/Time: Sun. , Oct. 1, 7 p.m.
Price: $10-$25

La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA
http://LaPena. org