Happy Fall!
Check out this performance art/installation/reading on Sunday, November 18. And visit the Calendar for more events!


Prosody Castle 3.3
Urban Real(i)ty
Nov. 18th, 2-5pm

Art by
Danny King
Lara Durback
Erika Staiti
Peter Spannagle

Words by
Aimee Suzara
d scot miller
Ayodele Nzinga
Shawn Taylor
Chris Straffolino
Phill Weber
Kwan Booth

Please join us on a Sunday afternoon for a citywide tour of installations and word-based art throughout the city. Hop in a van and see some art, come back hear some poems!

We take you to them before the city destroys them, giving you an early chance to see them evolve. The show will culminate in performances and viewings at the Gallery of Urban Art.

Prosody Castle 3.3-
Urban Real(i)ty
Nov. 18th, 2-5pm. $5
Van tours begin at 2:30
Poetry and Performance begin at 4
The Gallery of Urban Art
1746 13th @ Wood
– near Mandela Pkwy/West Oakland BART