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Here’s whats up next:

May 30: PSU Kaibigan Proudly Presents: 3rd Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) 2008 “IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE…” featuring Aimee Suzara (see Calendar for more details)

June 21, 8pm: PAGBABALIK CD RELEASE PARTY at Manilatown Center! Featuring members of the Pagbabalik Project cast, including Ron Gabriel Quesada, Jen Soriano, Juan Calaf, Aimee Espiritu, Frances Sedayao, Aimee Suzara & more bringing you samples of music, dance, spoken word & theatre from the show. It will be at the International Hotel Manilatown Center at 868 Kearny Street • San Francisco CA 94108. The PAGBABALIK (return) CD brings together all of your favorite actors and musicians from the show, recorded live in-studio. Produced/composed/mixed by Ron Gabriel Quesada. Design by Jeanelle Ablola of Dissent Designs. The release party will be in conjunction with the Manilatown exhibit entitled “Western Ideas/Colonial Mentality”. http://www.aimeesuzara.net94103


My chapbook, the space between, can be pre-purchased online NOW! Get your pre-press copy both to ensure that I get the largest run possible, and for FREE SHIPPING. (So the deal is: if I can sell 200 copies, they will run off 1,000 books. Please HELP ME REACH THIS GOAL. Thank you!) GET YOUR COPIES NOW! The book will be available on 8/8/08.