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Poem a day in April 2009

April 1, 2009

we are children of seeds, cast towards sun
gusted and carved by I am the only one
or are we borne from burls, pressing through soil
rising in rings, hardened from toil?
– Aimee Suzara
April 2, 2009

When she roamed the Santa Cruz boardwalk, twilight,
before the ferris wheel jolted into giggles and shrieks, that time
when stars are squinting children opening their eyes, she

was not sure if it was the dream again:

the Green Tortoise had left her off at a diner or a grocery store,
she could not remember which, after she peeled out of the cocoon
of her sleeping bag

somewhere between the bearded hippie and the other bearded hippie,
the piles of Guatemalan prints and hemp necklaces, redwoods

she walked, sandals on concrete, she imagined she felt the earth,
through the still-slumbering town, and homeless men beckoned,
gave her the tricks of “sleeping out”: which storefronts or alleys,
to avoid cop-sweeps

she must have looked like one of them, or could she?
in this dream that was not a dream,
her army-surplus pack, tie-die shirt, tattered bellbottoms
rainbowed with patches, hair unkempt, she was eighteen,

a Filipino anomaly, imagined shape-shifter
riding the wind,
drifted to sea.

-Aimee Suzara