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Poetry in the Park
A writing/performance workshop with Aimee Suzara
Saturday, JUNE 20, 2009
2-5pm | Park near Lake Merritt, location TBD

What will we do?
This workshop will draw from the unique geography of the Oakland Lake Merritt area to generate writing. We’ll use PLACE to elicit POETRY. From the texture of a tree trunk to the crevices in the concrete – from the downtown Oakland skyline to the lines in your palm – from the lattice of maple leaves above to the meeting of soil to asphalt. There’s nothing like the Lake Merritt area in Oakland for the meeting of nature and metropolis. We’ll activate our senses to generate writing through guided exercises. And we’ll close our three hours together by performing our words.

Who is this for?
Writers, non-writers, performers and non-performers, artists in other forms. If you’re a writer who needs a boost for your summer projects, this is for YOU. If you’ve never taken a poetry workshop, this is for YOU. If you’ve always wanted to take a workshop in a non-competitive setting, this is for YOU. The types of exercises and the small class setting will enable me to tailor the exercises to your skill level.

ENROLL BY EMAILING: booking@aimeesuzara.net

What workshop participants are saying…

“Aimee is a performer…she brings her authenticity and connection as a performer with her even as she is transferring that knowledge and experience to her students. Always embodying her art – I think this is what makes her a strong, vibrant instructor.”

“Aimee Suzara is an incredible teacher, mentor, and performer. Through this class, she shared her knowledge in writing, capturing, describing, and telling stories that moved me to write and perform in ways I had never done before. I highly recommend taking a class with her, regardless of one’s level of training. Aimee worked with me 1-on-1…and allowed the writer in me to emerge.”

“My skills in writing and performing changed for the best. I have more confidence in myself as a writer and performer; and the warm up exercises in particular were great because they helped me relax and get focused both during the workshop sessions and final performance.”

BIO: Writer/performer/educator Aimee Suzara’s play, Pagbabalik (Return) in 2007 was selected for APAture, Emerging Performance Festival and other festivals. Her poetry collection, the space between. was published by Finishing Line Press (2008) and her writing appears in several journals. Currently, she is in collaboration with Deep Waters Dance Theater and choreographer Frances Sedayao. She teaches English at CA community colleges and her workshops have been hosted at Kearny Street Workshop, Epic Arts, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society and schools and venues nationwide.