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*NOW: press kit available now!
*NOW: chapbook at Walden Pond Books
*SEPT 17: Just Cause anniversary
*SEPT 19: APAture
*Save the date – OCT 4: Filipino History Month reading at the Asian Art Museum (info forthcoming)
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PRESS KIT. As you may know, I’ve been working on getting a press kit developed for many months now, and it’s available now in its PDF (electronic) version! Check it out and feel free to let me know what you think. https://aimeesuzara.net/Suzara_PressKit.pdf

GET THE SPACE BETWEEN AT WALDEN POND BOOKSTORE this month! Almost a year after its release, my poetry chapbook, the space between, is now available at Walden Pond on Grand Avenue – 3316 Grand, Oakland (510-832-4428, http://www.waldenpondbooks.com/ ), for a limited time (30 days). BUY ONE TODAY or TELL A FRIEND TO PICK ONE UP, to show the bookstore that you want my chapbook to be in their store! You may also call to inquire or show your interest in getting a copy. It sends the message that local poets’ chapbooks are important additions to their shelves, and that you applaud their efforts. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE and your local Pinay poet! It’s selling for a DISCOUNTED RATE, $12 rather than the $14 at Amazon.com. Thanks for your support!
THURS, SEPT 17: A TRIBUTE TO JUSTICE: 10 Years of Struggles and Victories with JCO
Short appearance at around 8:15 and 8:45pm. Come on time for the Afterparty to catch me!

September, 17, 2009, 6pm-Midnight
General Event: $30-$80 Sliding Scale
After Party: $10-$25 Sliding Scale
The Historic Sweets Ballroom
1933 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Join me and a list of great writers selected for this year’s Literary night portion of APATURE, the annual multidisciplinary arts showcase for Asian Pacific American Artists. Also check out the website http://www.apature.org for the full list of great performances, SEPT 17-26!

Hotel Rex
562 Sutter St.
$10 – 15 Sliding Scale

Featured Artist: Aimee Suzara

Presenting Artists:
Jennifer S. Cheng
Mai Doan
Yasmine Gomez
Kenji Liu
Linda Park
Takeo Rivera
Elsa Valmidiano

WHAT IS APATURE? Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival showcasing the work of emerging Asian Pacific American artists. APAture’s mission is to provide artists with an early experience presenting their work at a large event; to build audiences for emerging APA artists; to strengthen the sense of community among artists; and to raise awareness of the existence of and diversity within the APA arts community. APAture values community-building, ethnic and artistic diversity and collaboration across ethnic and disciplinary lines.