I’m writing a short post from Florida – the Atlantic Center for the Arts – where I’m an associate artist-in-residence.  It’s a gorgeous campus, and it’s going well – I’m working really hard, and meeting some fascinating playwrights, performance artists and actors.  The Master artists are Annie Baker, Dael Orlandersmith and Heather Woodbury. The schedule is quite rigorous, so it’s by no means a retreat! I’m primarily working on material for the History of the Body project.

So – not much by way of performances and shows this month, unless you are in Florida:

And if so, I’ll be featuring at an intimate, family-style spoken word weekly called “Autumn Blaze Presents Soul Food” at Chef Eddie’s in Orlando.  See CALENDAR for info.

Thanks to the folks who helped send me here via the successful Indie Gogo campaign!

For everyone else – not to worry – there are plenty of opportunities to support this work, so stay tuned. J  Otherwise, I hope you are all enjoying your summer.