Hi everyone!  Thanks for visiting my website!

I’m excited to share with you the news that my play, A History of the Body, has been awarded two small grants – one from the Cultural Funding Program and one – a commission/match grant – from the East Bay Community Foundation.  The latter requires that we raise $6,000 in individual donations in order to receive their $6,000.  So, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to meet this goal by JUNE 1st and we are $4300 away! Please visit Kickstarter to become a “backer” – your pledge will only be charged June 1st once the campaign is completed.  Any amount of support will help us meet our goal stage a showing at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center and develop the work toward its World Premiere in 2013!  We’ve just launched a new TRAILER featuring jazz singer Charmaine Clamor’s amazing song, “My Funny Brown Pinay.”

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Images from work-in-progress presented by Kularts, Inc, November 2010.