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NEW: Highlight reel from the May 11, 2013 show in Oakland, CA! And below that, a trailer with an interview and clips from the previous iterations of the work. 





A History of the Body is a multidisciplinary piece about colonization and the body, fusing dance, theater, poetry and visual art. The work examines the powerful effects of culture, history and media  on our attitudes towards skin color, facial features and female beauty. We’ve engaged in research about Filipino history and interviews with women about body image; we have completed several successful workshops with women about skin and beauty.  It’s been an exciting process, and we are looking forward to sharing our vision with you, premiering it as a full show in 2013!

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R. Ahmed
Max Airborne
Dalene Theresa Alojipan
Angela Alvig
Joe Aquilizan
Evelyn Aquino
Roberto Barretto
Tina Bartolome
Elsa Batica
Edwin Batongbacal
Martha Duenas Baum
Michelle Bautista
Raymundo Billena
Cynthia Blancaflor
Aileen Boyer
Alyse Mason Brill
Joellene Buccat
Evangeline Buell
Deb Busman
Nellie Brina Caedo
Grace Caligtan
Holly Calica
Melissa Canlas
Petrina Chi
Chris Chinn
Jennifer Chu
Lori Copan
Christine Cordero
Tess Crescini
Rachelle Cruz
Herna Cruz-Louie
Jean Davis
Dolores Dewingaerde
Jeffrey Dozier
Lorenz Mazon Dumuk
Monica Espiritu
Eva Estrella
Stella Evangelista
Kat Evasco
Jennifer Fordan- Herman
Lillian Galedo
Adriane Gamble
Maria Glanz
Tiffany Golden
Antonio Gonzales
Cristina Guarin
Michelle Guarin
Andrea Gutierrez
Simon Hanukai
Scott Herr
Lee Herrick
Shayna Hirschfield
Roseli Ilano
Melinh Jenkins
Brenda Jones
James Kass
Alicia Kester
Greg King
Gary King
Anna Kurien
Lavinia Lazo
Christina Leano
Rochita Loenen- Ruiz
Theresa Lum
Ipat G. Luna
Kai Teresa Lynch
David Maduli
Sarah Manyika
Paula Mitchell
Cristina Mitra
Ghenete Wright & David Muir
Ly Nguyen
Linda Nietes- Little
Gladys Nubla
Justin Obcena
Tricia Ong
Tisay Opaon- Ali
Kevin Ottem Fox
Erika Padilla-Morales
Luana Rivera Palacio
Conrad Panganiban
Pablo Paredes
Julius Parias
Lauren Parsons Muller
Itoro Paula
Aima Paule
Elsa Pineda
Barbara Poelle
Janet Arelis Quezada
Alan Quismorio
Ebora Rachel
Kristin Rawlinson
Jen Reyes
Lori Reynoso
Sandra Garcia Rivera
Shirley Rivera
Linda M. Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez
Joanne Rondilla
Manuel Rosaldo
Diana Ruiz
Dulce Santos
Dorothy Santos
Rebecca Saxton
Levana Saxton
Thomas Scheibe
Margaret Schulze
Maryam Shapland
Fiona Smith
Geneva Steward
Toussaint Stewart
Aileen Suzara
Eleanor and Emil Suzara
Nandy H. Tiongson
Jean-arellia Tolentino
Yvette Torres
Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller
Norma Valdez
Cecilia Lomeda Valenciano
Curtis Vana
Jean Vengua
Vickie Vertiz
Marynelle Vitales
Jon Wunderlich
Michelle Wong
Richard Wright
Jonathan Wu
Jen- Mei Wu
Megan Zapanta
Tracy Zhu
Janna Zinzi
Philippine Study Group of Minnesota
Chef Yulanda

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